Building a brand is like building a home

> 03 04 2017 #multi-channel #print #radio #tv


L!ELENS  has won the pitch for the Golden Palace budget, the casino and gaming website.
This involves a brand new positioning and a new image campaign with TV commercials, print ads and radio commercials.

The new campaigns will start at the end of the first semester. 

> 20 03 2017 #print

Good news for future parents!

Beautiful, brand new, all heavy, and it just rolled off the press… 5 months of 5 full-time agency people, 420 pages, 8.345 pictures, 450g of original and useful ideas for mums, dads and their kids between 0 and 13 years old.

Soon to be discovered in all Orchestra shops in Belgium, France and Switzerland! 

> 16 03 2017 #tv

You’ve got more batteries than you think: the saga continues

In 2011, the agency proposed Bebat a new creative approach based on the fact that returning your batteries to a Bebat collection point allows them to start a new life. That’s why it’s important to bring them back.
The first commercials of the saga showed the transformation of a battery, allowing it to emerge as a new everyday object such as a bicycle, a step, or a swing.
Six years later, the three new commercials continue the idea of new life, but they also show the consumer that he has many more batteries at home than he thinks. When you know that a family of two adults and two children has an average of 127 batteries at home, the message ‘You’ve got many more batteries than you think’ needs no further explanation.
> 20 12 2016


Brussels, European capital with the Manneken Pis statue, Grand Place, beautiful historic buildings and multicultural neighbourhoods is a town with many surprising and unusual places that are well worth a visit. 

Yet Brussels suffers from the events it has experienced and their impact on its inhabitants and retail businesses. 

A few months later, Brussels is still a calm, cosmopolitan capital, a great place to live and has a blend of cultures that makes everyone feel welcome from the first moment. 


So, let us be your guide: the 45 Lielensers reveal the best places to visit, for an original tour of Brussels. 

You can also click on the link to view the map on your mobile.

> 13 09 2016

Cheeses from Switzerland at the table with L!ELENS

Following an agency competition at the end of 2015, L!ELENS is proud to welcome a jewel of gastronomy, authenticity and know-how: Cheeses from Switzerland.

The agency has been entrusted with the communications and promotion of famous Cheeses from Switzerland: PDO Gruyère, Zwitserland Emmental, Appenzeller, but also other cheese specialities such as Raclette, Tête de Moine, Vaudoise Tomme and Vacherin. A full strategy of generic communication to promote Swiss cheeses and targeted actions concerning the designations will start immediately and continue throughout 2016.

> 16 05 2016 #tv

Daddy’s not here…”

With some topics, getting the message across can be tricky. It’s the case with Tasectan, a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of… diarrhoea!

Yet Tasectan pulled it off with this new TV advert, which follows on the story already developed two years ago for the radio and which revolves around the same concept: daddy misses out on all the good times, simply because he’s stuck… in the toilet.